The Institute of Education, University of Ibadan was founded in 1956 to train teachers, promote educational research and carry out advisory work for other educational organizations including supervision of schools, teachers and pupils at various educational levels.  The Institute continued to perform these roles until 1973 when the International Centre for Educational Evaluation (ICEE) was established.  The International Centre for Educational Evaluation is a unit of The Institute of Education, University of Ibadan, specially created with the approval of the University and the Federal Government of Nigeria to focus on Educational Evaluation.  The ICEE came into formal existence as a result of the tripartite cooperation between the University of Ibadan, the Science Education Programme for Africa (SEPA) and the Carnegie Cooperation of New York.  The Centre was established to combat two major problems of educational innovations in Africa.

1.     The shortage of trained manpower for evaluation of educational innovations in African countries.

2.     Deficiencies in available techniques and instruments for evaluation of educational Innovations in Africa.


Since 1973, when the International Centre for Educational Evaluation was established, the functions of the Institute of Education through the Centre now include:


·                    The training of evaluators for the African continent at M.Ed., M.Phil., and Ph.D. levels.

·                    Research with emphasis on evaluation techniques and instruments.

·                    Contractual evaluation of specific educational projects.

The ICEE has enjoyed research funding from many international organizations including the Carnegie Cooperation of New York, Ford Foundation, The German Foundation for International Development, The Anglophone West African Research Consortium, Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, The German Academic Exchange Programme, UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank.

The research projects carried out by the Institute of Education include;

1.      The International Association for the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IEA) Projects.

2.      Evaluation of Standards of WAEC Examinations.

3.      Oyo State textbook production.

4.      UNESCO Projects on the Use of Toys and Games in the Teaching of Science.

5.      UNICEF Projects on Capacity Building in Assessment for the Directors and Assistant Directors in the Ministry of Education.