West African Journal of Education

II Vol. XXXIX 2019

Evaluation of the Undergraduate Chemistry Education Programme in Universities in Rivers State, Nigeria

by Mathew Christian and Modupe M. Osokoya
Introduction Chemistry is a natural and physical science subject that has a wide application in almost all spheres of human endeavours. The role of chemistry and chemistry education in human capacity development through education, especially science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), is a well-established locally and internationally (Olson and Riordan, 2012; Hassan, 2016; Eagan, Stolzenberg, Zimmerman, Aragon, Sayson and Rios-Aguilar, 2017; Hazari et al, 2017; Shamsuddin, Arome, Aminu, Isah and Adamu (2017). For several years, there has been considerable national attention given to increasing the talent pool in STEM to address the growing concerns of sustainability in the global economy, and ensure access to highly-paid, highlyrewarding fields for all students (Olson and Riordan, 2012) in spite of the many challenges confronting the field of chemical technology in the Nigerian economy (Hassan, 2016; Shamsuddin, Arome, Aminu, Isah and Adamu, 2017).   Read Further -  Mathew Christian and Modupe M Osokoya