West African Journal of Education

II Vol. XXXIX 2019

Psycho-social Factors and Creativity of Undergraduates in South-West Nigeria

by Felix-Kingsley Obialo and Adenike E. Emeke
Introduction Researchers have continuously underscored the importance of creativity in human growth and development. Puccio (2012) described creativity in human growth and development as an essential life skill.One can, therefore, assert that creative living is away oflifewhose purpose isliving a deeper and richerlife (Puccio,Mance,Switalski andReali, 2012). If creativity is a way of life, it becomes necessary to promote it. Understanding and promoting creative living is a function of a number of factors which researchers and practitioners of creativity have grappled with since the beginning of research into the phenomenon of creativity. In spite of the groundbreaking successesrecorded in the global creativity literature, Nigeria cannot qualify as a country that has truly made creativity a deliberate part of her existence (Obialo, 2017a). This lack of the promotion of deliberate creativity in Nigeria has brought more challengesfor Nigerian creativity researchers who have to evolve solutionsthatwould facilitate the transformation oftheNigerian experience through thepromotionofdeliberate creativity.   Read Further¬† -¬† Felix-Kingsley Obialo and Adenike E Emeke