West African Journal of Education

I Vol. XXXIX 2019

Institutional Support and Teacher Performance in Secondary Schools in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

by A. I. Atanda
The place of teaching cannot be undermined in the educational process. Learning could take place without the consciousness of the person facilitating such learning process (whereby one learns from another person without direct teaching), however, teaching is an intentional effort that requires teachers who facilitate learning. Teaching is conceived as a communication between two or more people who influence each other by their ideas and learn something in the process of interaction (Okunogbe, 2005). It is referred to as the core assignment of teachers in any school and it is expected to be handled by professionally competent individuals (Atanda, 2013). Teaching is also, filling the mind of the learner with information and knowledge for future use. It helps people acquire the knowledge they need to become responsible citizens, earn a living, and live a rewarding life. Stressing the importance of teaching and quality of teachers, Osokoya (2003) asserted that teaching is important in any educational system because the quality of teachers determines, to a great extent, the quality of the system. Recognizing the importance of teachers in education, the Federal Government of Nigeria, (FRN, 2013) stressed that teacher education will continue to be given a major emphasis in all educational planning, since no education system can rise above the quality of its teachers. Read More Here -  A I Atanda