These are listed on pages 102 and 103 of the 1985/86 University of Ibadan Calendar.

  • The Vice-Chancellor (Ex officio)

  • The Director of the Institute of education (Chairman)

  • The Director, Teacher Training, Federal Ministry of Education

  • The Heads of affiliated Institutions

  • Two academic members of staff nominated by Senate

  • All moderators of examinations of constituent colleges

  • Six academic staff of the Institute of Education representing the six units

  • The Chief Inspectors of Education from Ministries of Education which elect to join the Institute

  • One representative of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT)         

  • The President, Nigerian Conference of Principals of Teacher Training Colleges

  • The President, Nigerian Conference of Secondary School Principals.


  • The Librarian, University of Ibadan
  • The Bursar, University of Ibadan
  • The Examinations Officer, University of Ibadan
  • Between 1965 & 2005, the Institute completed well over 30 Research Projects for National and International Organizations with some of them being multiple year in span and scope.
  • Between 2005 to 2015, completed another cohort of well mover 20 research portfolios for
    1. UNESCO,

    2. UNICEF,

    3. the World Bank,

    4.  African Development Bank (AfDB),

    5. International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)

  •  Between 2015 to 2019, the Institute has worked for :
    1.   Lagos State

    2. WAEC

    3. Government

    4. UBEC

    5. DAWN


  1. AfDB—— Baseline Study and Participatory Rapid
  2. Assessment Covering Gender, Teacher/Instructor Gap Analysis, Labour Market and Informal Sector.
  3. Lagos State/World Bank—Training of Teachers of Core Subjects in the Lagos EKO Secondary School Project
  4. Lagos State/World Bank—-Training of School Administrators in Enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation Capabilities in the Lagos EKO Secondary School Project.
  5. UBEC— Monitoring of Federal Teachers Scheme in Oyo and Osun States
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