Links Programmes and Outreaches Services Unit

This Unit is responsible for: 

  • Seeking linkages between the Institute and academic institutions, academic associations, bilateral organizations and relevant civil society groups within and outside Nigeria
  • Establishing partnership and collaboration  with Centres and Foundations within and outside the University in Nigeria and abroad
  •  Seeking grants for Institute’s programmes and activities
  • Sourcing fellowships for the Institute
  • Ensuring greater visibility of the Institute in many ramifications and through close harnessing of the different activities of the various Units that need publicity and projection
  • Bringing linkage and exchange programmes, fellowships and grants to the awareness of staff and students
  • Conducting/coordinating training workshops
  • Organising Conferences, Staff seminars and lectures
  • Organising  Guest lectures;
  • Writing and submitting training proposals to organizations and individuals who may need such services for their staff capacity building.
  • Sourcing areas of partnership/collaboration with both the ‘Town’ and other units within the University.
  • Carrying out all other duties that may emerge as relating to the office
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