Laboratory schools

There are two laboratory schools – Staff School and International School, Ibadan (ISI)

Professor Andy Taylor the third Director of the Institute of Education came up with the idea of a secondary school to serve primarily the children of academic and administrative staff of the university. It is likely that he got an external funding to set up what became as the International School which ran courses leading to award of:

  1. West African School Certificate
  2. London GCE O’Level and A’Level
  3. International Bacalaureate.

This was to enable children of expatriate staff get admission to universities in their various countries. Administratively, the International School and the Staff Schools were placed under the Institute of Education. Officially, the Vice Chancellor is the chairman of the Board of Governor of both schools but the Director, Institute of Education stands in for the Vice Chancellor for day to day administration. The Board of the two schools are committees of Council and therefore are not under the jurisdiction of Dean or Senate. To some extent the two schools are also used as laboratory schools for teaching practice and research

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